Inspired Vintage Children's Clothing

From newborn size 0000 to children’s size 5, for boys and girls, the Arthur Ave range of children’s clothes is designed from my heart, for your cherished little ones.

Take a stroll down Arthur Ave

The Arthur Ave collection of children’s wear is inspired by a childhood spent inventing and sewing my own clothing creations with my mother and grandmother. Nothing speaks more of the simpler times of giggling childhood days than laces and paisleys, pinstripes and plaids; frills that love to be frolicked in.

From darling baby girl clothes to charming girl’s dresses, and spunky boyswear through to rough-and-tumble outdoor apparel, each piece is unique and created from the highest quality fabrics.

I welcome you, and invite you to wander here as long as you wish.

- Natasha

Our New Arrivals

The Arthur Ave collection is always evolving with the seasons and newest inspirations. As your little one grows, Arthur Ave children’s wear can grow with them. Please wander through our New Arrivals for the freshest styles and unique vintage-inspired children’s clothing and accessories at Arthur Ave.

Inspirations and Memories

When I first began creating children’s clothes many years ago, I discovered a love for all things textured. Bringing together textures with prints, buttons, bow ties and pops of colour taught me that clothes can inspire memories.

What do you see when you look through the Arthur Ave range? It might be tyre swings and dripping ice creams, tea parties in the garden or catching frogs in the pond.

I hope you see a time when life was lazy and slow, and days were filled with kisses and tickles. A time every child deserves and every family loves to remember.

For those tea parties, there must be the perfect girl’s dresses, and kid’s suits and flower girl dresses for that pretend garden wedding.

And the frogs and ice cream…that’s all part of being a little adventurer. That’s when the best memories are made!

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